Sitting in the Book of Job

It is so easy to shout out questions of “Why” when someone is taken from us so unexpectedly. But we are not alone in our questioning. In the book of Job, the word “why” appears 23 times. Of those 23 times, 18 of them are Job asking or shouting “Why?”

During times of great loss, it is easy to find ourselves sitting in the midst of the distress of the book of Job. Job is hit hard as he continually experiences loss and grief throughout his life. And it is during these times, that God sends Job’s friends to sit quietly with him. However, his friends are not so good at trusting in God’s promises for Job and for them.

The book of Job is filled with challenging questions and unexpected answers. Yet despite it all, Job remains faithful to God. In our own times of loss, are we willing and able to remain faithful when we are grieving? Wondering why our loved one was taken from us so unexpectedly?

Job teaches us that God hears our every cry and prayer. Job also teaches us that we are not alone. In community, our friends will speak for us when we cannot speak for ourselves. They will sing for us when we cannot sing for ourselves. They will pray for us when we cannot muster up the strength to pray for ourselves. Job reminds us again and again of the humanity of Jesus. Job is actually filled with the words that so many of us cry out in the midst of our own losses.

I will admit there have been many times in my life when I have cried out “Why” There have been many times I have found myself sitting and reflecting in the book of Job. There is something about the book of Job that brings us comfort in the midst of our loss and grief.

So, my friends, if you are still asking those questions of why, know that it is normal. But also take some time and sit in the book of Job. Reflect on how Job can be faithful despite all of his loss. Can you muster up the strength to remain faithful too? Because the truth is that God promises that God will never leave us or forsake us. However, sometimes it is hard to trust in that promise; it is hard to see Jesus standing right next to you in your grief. But he is there!

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12 thoughts on “Sitting in the Book of Job

  1. The story of Job…made more real to me, and a bit more modern, in the book I just finished; “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans. Perhaps an updated story of one who lost it all…and started walking across the country to “sit with God” in his time of loss. I can’t wait to find the next books in this series.

    And, how timely for me to find your words regarding loss as I have just lost a dear friend whom I have know for many many years.

    Thank you Tara! Hugs and Prayers as you continue this walk and this series.

  2. I am in the early months of grieving the loss of my husband of 25 years. “Why?” is a huge question. I am taking GriefShare and that was last week’s lesson, actually. Why? will probably never get an answer. It is truly that faith, that trust… that God is in control and He knows the number of our days from before we were even born…those are the answers to allow to sink in. Job’s faith in God is truly the faith we need to hold onto. We need to stay near to God and He will stay near to us. May the One Who knows us dearly be the One we seek.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. My heart goes out to anyone who is grieving loss. I think as you said, it’s normal to ask why, and sometimes pouring our hearts out to the Lord leads us into a deeper relationship with our Savior.

  4. Oh, Tara, this is so good! We do learn quite a bit from Job’s story, don’t we? It is a good idea to sit there for awhile and watch how he trusted God even though he didn’t understand. Blessings to you!

  5. Love it (and yes we did do totally different takes on “why”). Asking this type of why is so painful yet so critical … and faith makes a difference.

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