Singles Awareness Day!

I love the concept behind Valentine’s Day! I love that their is set aside a day to celebrate my friends and family. However I absolutely hate that it seems like Im always the single one on V-day! Why is it that I feel that way? I suppose because everyone around me gets flowers, chocolates, taken out for dinner, etc. I know that some day God will bring a special man into my life but I wish it would happen sooner rather than later if you know what I mean. Im sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but just had to get my thoughts out. Well back to writing my sermon for Sunday! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And for those that are single, Happy Singles’ Awareness Day!

One thought on “Singles Awareness Day!

  1. Hey, I just tagged you if you want to play! Thanks for the info about Singles Awareness Day–I’m not that newly single again, but you’re so right about celebrating friends and family and trusting God for that specially chosen life partner.

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