Simply Humbled and Amazed

God surprises me in so many and various ways! Lately I have been completely awestruck at events/conversations that have taken place in my life. I have not always been 100% confident of who God has created me to be. However I have grown over the years. Yet I am still humbled and surprised when I meet new people and they become my friends so easily. I was just reflecting on some conversations I had recently with individuals who tell me I have gifts…..who tell me that I shouldnt apologize for my emotionalness. They just simply accept me for ME and that is just what I need! I simply can be who God created me to be without apologizing, without making excuses, etc! What an unbelievable amazing humbling gift! I am so blessed and thank GOd for these numerous and wonderful blessings in my life!! Thank you my dear friends for helping me see me for me when that isn’t always so easy!

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