Simplicity Friday Five

What are 5 things you do or things you have bought that have made your life simpler/easier to manage?

1. My IPhone—I never thought that I would break down and buy an Iphone but I did last December. It has been so helpful! I use my shopping list etc all the time on my phone!

2. My car—I was blessed to have my dad and grandpa buy it for me but it really does save time and helps me get around from here to there!

3. My microwave popcorn popper! So this might seem silly but its so awesome. It is an containter with a lid that you put actual popcorn kernels in and then put in the microwave. I used to buy microwave popcorn bags all the time. Now I just buy a big container of kernels and it lasts way longer than the bags!

4.Honoring my day off (Fridays)!

5.My Pampered Chef frying pan. I love that pan! If its dirty, I will wash it before I pull out one of the older crummier pans!

Bonus: What’s something you wish you could manage better—managing my time a little better!!

7 thoughts on “Simplicity Friday Five

  1. Honoring one's day off is crucial. I have lots of stuff from PC but not a fry pan. I use a cast iron skillet, but my response to it is the same as yours…

  2. I've heard so many great things about PC, I need to look into it, though with Terri, I heart my cast iron skillet. Wondering if ever I'll spring for an iPhone… thanks for playing; your life sounds very full and fulfilling!

  3. Big PC fan here. Bacon in the oven is very nice on the baking sheet.

    I also thought that an iPhone could not be as great as all that; it was!

    The popcorn popper sounds great!

  4. Love that folks are including the technology that makes their life simpler. My Droid has worked for me in a similar way.

    Good cookware – YES!
    Thanks for playing.

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