Show Them Your Heart!

A colleague and friend reminded me of this today. Being in a new place and a new call this is so important! I know there are some who have definitely seen that heart while others I’m not so sure of. I deeply want them to see my heart!

I love children especially babies and toddlers! I would do just about anything to cuddle a baby or play with a toddler. I don’t even mind that I have to get down on the floor to play! I also love spending time at my friends house and love when her three year old practically demands that I sit next to her ! That is so much a part of my heart! Probably because I yearn to be a momma so deeply!

I also have learned the importance of sharing my story with others! How else will others know my heart? I have so much of my mom’s heart and spirit; yet most people don’t know that she daily struggles with a mental illness! As a daughter of someone who lives with a mental illness that is so much a part of my heart too!

There are many other things that make up my heart too! I hope that in this new place people begin to see my heart! In my last call, I believe that they did see my heart and loved me for it! They saw the peace and holiness I felt when I got to snuggle a baby! They saw the joy I had when I got to laugh with kiddos!

Some days I see glimpses of people seeing that part of my heart here! And yet there are some times I wonder about what they see! I second guess myself and my actions a lot but then I am reminded to be myself! Easily these words whisper into my ear, “Show them your heart and let them get to know you!” Yes, that I need to remember!!

Have you seen me show you my heart? And if so, what has my heart shown you about who God created me to be; “fearfully and wonderfully made!”

May we all show our hearts; broken, battered, bruised, and pieced together for all to see!

One thought on “Show Them Your Heart!

  1. The heart I've seen in you shows me you are brave and not afraid of new things or to face a challenge. You came to Michigan to meet someone you'd never seen before and helped me drive a huge Uhaul truck across the country when neither of us had ever driven such a rig before. You are also kind, generous, and outgoing.

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