Short Friday Five

Short People—-That would be me. I am one of the shortest people in my family. My younger sister is taller than me. However Im not that short, I have several friends who are shorter than me and are the coolest people in the world.

Short Hops—Short hops hmmm. Short hops are when I would play hopscotch with my friends growing up. I am such a kid at heart so I still enjoying hopping, skipping etc. When I worked at camp, my campers were good at short hops.

Short Stories—This is my fave question since I enjoy telling stories. My fave short stories include any of Max Lucados short stories like ,”You are Special etc.” However my fave short story has to do with my stuffed gorilla I got while working at camp. Not only did the gorilla help with homesick campers, he also became a great storytelling tool. In fact, to this day, he still is used for that purpose. Anyone want to hear how Mr. Trouble came to be.

Short Lists—Hmmmm. Usually my lists are fairly long but I do have a few short lists. I have a short list of the places I would like to visit. But I must say my shortest list is the number of states I have visited. Its getting better as I get older but I still have a lot of states to see!

Short Stops—I usually intend on making short stops and visiting people but I always end up running into more people I need to visit and end up staying longer so my short stops end up being not that short of stops.

Happy Friday everyone!

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