Seek and Ye Shall Find

So I’ve been slacking. Its been almost a week since my last entry but life is good today. I got an email back from the ELCA headquarters that gave me promising news about my call process. I was worried that since I wont be approved by the Aug 25 deadline that I wouldnt be able to go through the Sept draft but turns out that as long as everything is in before Sept 2 which is the day that everything gets shipped off to the Bishops than I can still be in this process.God definetely is a knocking on my door and sounds like I will be ready when he comes a knocking. YIPPEE!!! Another note a seminary friend of mine who is a new pastor here in town emailed me a job opening here in GF. It is for Youth for Christ. They are looking for a drop-in coordinator. Basically that person would be in charge of their teen center, planning activities, and getting volunteers. Pastor Tony thought it sounded promising for me and it made him think of me so I emailed the executive director. He emailed and asked for my resume which I emailed to him. He said he would call but he still hasnt called so wondering whats up with that. Im just not sure how I feel about it because it might be great for me but it might not and I really would like to be closer to home especially to my mom but part of me is ready to wander and be rooted where God needs me to be rooted. In fact, I have finally decided that no matter where God sends me I will go and my mom will be okay. She will be a phone call, a car ride or plane ride, or whatever away and the place she lives at takes such good care of her. My sister got good news this week too. She got offered a position at a public school in Yuma which is so much better than the charter school she is currently teaching at. God definetely does answer our prayers. Back to me though. Life is pretty good. I am happy. Ive made some great friends and today I realized what you all meant by people being blessed by me. Ive been blessed so much by them but today they told me that they had been blessed by me too. God definetely has blessed me with a gift and I treasure that gift more and more every day as I think of all the people Ive met along the way. Well got to go. Bitty, my aunt and uncle’s cat, is meowing at me to let her outside so got to let her out!

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