Not Good at Saying Goodbye

Any one that has spent any amount of time with me knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I cry tears of joy, tears of sadness, etc. So in addition, it probably comes as no surprise that I am not very good at saying goodbye either!!

During seminary, I cried when my friends went off to internship and I was still on campus. I cried when we graduated! I cried when I left my last call and the people there. It seems like my life (like all of ours) is full of beginnings and endings!

When I took this new call about six months ago, fear crept into my heart and soul. I wondered if I would make new friends and I also wondered how long it would take to meet those new friends. But God, like God always does, provided! I have made some incredible friends in the last several months. I’m so very thankful our lives have crossed and will continue to bless my life!

But in those short months, two of my new friends have begun new journeys. Weeks ago we packed up our friend KW. This week we packed up our friend MJ. As I watched MJ’s stuff being loaded into the truck, I was thankful for both his and KW’s new journeys but I also was sad!

In just a few months, these two along with all of my new friends (as well as my other friends) have touched my heart. I am so very thankful that our paths crossed….if only for a little while.

God be with you, friends, in your new journeys!! I am not good at saying goodbye so instead I’ll say “Until we meet again.” Or in Jesus’ words, “Peace be with you!”

Yes, that doesn’t seem so finite…”Peace be with you, my friends!!”

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