Saying Goodbye to Nashville

Another installment in the Nashville series. For those of you who are new to this blog, I had been recapping the sister’s trip that my sister Andrea and I took last summer. But somehow I omitted the last day. It was a blast. Hopefully these little nuggets will give you a little glimpse into how awesome this trip wasmemories to last a lifetime!

That Saturday morning, Ann and I got up and dressed for the day. We made sure all of our bags were packed and called for our Lyft driver. We waited by the door until our driver arrived. Once he arrived, we loaded everything up into his vehicle. We chatted with our driver as he drove along the road. Before we knew it,we were at the airport. 

Ann and I thanked our driver and then unloaded our luggage. We found our place in the security line. For some reason, Ann and I ended up in the preapproved line which we were not. So we had to go back to the end of the line and get back in line. Luckily our line moved quickly. We took off our shoes and unloaded our carry on items into the bins to be scanned by security. Ann and I both walked through the security checkpoints. 

After getting through security, Ann and I put our shoes back on and grabbed our items. We walked our way to our gate. As we were walking to our gate, we came across a Jack Daniels statue. We both took a few photos to show our Dad. Ann and I finally sat down and waited for the time for our flight to arrive. Before we knew it, it was time for our flight to take off.

Ann and I found our seats. We sat “Nash”; the Hard Rock Cafe bear that we bought for Mom between us. Nash drank some apple juice and enjoyed a snack with us. Nash even took a nap with us. Before we knew it, our flight was descending into Minneapolis. We got off the plane and walked to our new gate. While waiting at the gate, we ran into members from the church I serve. They were returning from visiting their daughter in Europe. We visited with them about our trip and they shared with us about their trip too. 

We soon were on the plane ready to head home. After a short trip, we were back in Minot. Ann and I waited for my friend EG to come and pick us up. Once EG arrived, we loaded up our luggage in her car and headed to my house. We unloaded the luggage into my house. 

The next morning, Ann and I headed to Walmart as Ann wanted to get her pictures developed immediately. While the pictures were being developed, Ann and I ate at Dennys. As we were eating, Ann and I reminisced about our sister’s trip. It truly was such a blast. Over the course of the week, we had walked 52,590 steps! 

For a glimpse into our week in Nashville, here is the Shutterfly photo book I made for my sister and I to remember our trip. Enjoy! Nashville Trip–Summer 2015

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