Savoring Advent

The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “rush.”

This time of year is rush, rush, rush for so many. Yet Advent is all about slowing down and savoring the moment. It’s about remembering what this season is all about.

Yesterday my sister and I savored the season. I was able to slow down and not worry about where God is calling me next. I went to a friends baby shower. We went to Frozen Two. Then we went to our local parks light show topped off with a peppermint hot cocoa blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Advent waiting

Slow and steady

Until the manger.

Christmas lights aglow

Kittens cozy under the tree

Cinnamon tea in hand

I read the story

Wait, watch and wonder

An infant born to Mary

His cries piercing the dark


God with us

Oh come let us adore him!

8 thoughts on “Savoring Advent

  1. I ask You, Lord, for grace and peace,
    and strength to here remain,
    and for a sort of ease
    while circling the drain.
    I ask You, Lord, that You might send
    a message or a sign,
    to offer comfort, ere the end,
    that the will I wrought was Thine.
    I ask You, Lord, to hold me tight,
    for the best that I could do
    was driven by a distant Light,
    an offering to You.
    I ask You, Lord, if it’s all the same
    to You, that You recall my name.

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