The Roller Coaster Adventure is Just Beginning!!

Today my letter of call came from the Bishop of Western North Dakota so once I sign it, its official. Hard to believe that after all this time waiting, it finally has happened and I truly know that this is it! The people have made me feel so at home. Its crazy. Once my job starts on June 1, life is going to be busy. They want me to go to the WND synod assembly in Dickinson June 2-3 and then Bible School starts June 4. Looks like I will be moving fast but Im looking forward to doing what God has called me to do. Besides looking ahead to this, I have my consecration service to plan which has been awesome. Hard to believe that I have finally reached that point. Its fun to envision what that day will look like. Guess Ill just have to wait until April 23. Thats right my service is planned for April 23, 2006 at my home congregation in Ashley ND. Some of my friends from the seminary are thinking about coming up but I know that it is not a sure thing so just going to have to wait and see. They lead busy lives and its hard to get away from school etc. You know I must admit Im still flying high. After waiting so long, my dreams, no my gifts, are finally being realized and that makes me smile. Its also very very cool to think that I will be the first ever Diaconal Minister in Western ND. Guess that makes me a pioneer!

3 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster Adventure is Just Beginning!!

  1. Congrats Tara!!! BTW, this is Ashley Nicolls. I got the email from Lorice and figured I would check out your blog. Glad to hear that you got what you want. You definitely are a pioneer!! AWESOME!!!
    God’s blessings in all you do!!

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