Right Up My Alley Friday Five

1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket? Growing up in the Midwest, any movie is great for curling up with a blanket on a cold winter day. However my faves are probably the good old Holiday classes “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Carol,” etc.

2. Likewise, what book? Just about anything. But if I had to pick one, probably Danielle Steele’s book “Jewels.”

3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold? Chili in the crockpot, any kind of soup, comfort foods….grilled cheese, tuna casserole, etc

4. What do you like to do if you get a “snow day” (or if you don’t get snow days, what if you did)? Read, watch tv, bake

5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)? I like both! I loved growing up in the Midwest and going sledding with my friends. It was always so fun to play outside and then come in and warm up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate or something. I do like playing indoor board games as well though. My family loves playing card games…Gin, 21, etc!

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