Whats in My Office? Friday Five

Revkjarla from RevGalBlogPals writes,”I don’t know about you, but I am a notoriously messy creative worker. My workspace at home, and at my office is always littered with books and papers and mail and pens and keys and mugs….and tschotske (momentos, weird things, etc.) I am looking right now at a pair of dice that someone gave me that have “God” on each side, so that anyway you roll ’em, you end up with God. Different, right? So, this Friday Five is all about YOUR tschotske in your workplace. Describe five things in/on your workspace (however you define workspace–I tend to spill over onto bedside tables, end tables, coffee tables…create wherever I land) that are special to you! Bonus points for pictures!”

If you have ever been in my office, you know that I like to keep it SUPER clean! Yeah thats me! When I was at the MotherShip (endearing name for my seminary), the admissions office often would call me to see if they could show my room to a potential student. They knew even at the last minute it would be clean! However I still have a few things that I like to keep in my office!

1. A woodcarved animal! My neighbors at my apartment are an elderly couple. V loves to woodcarve and when I first moved in, he gave me an animal that he woodcarved so I have it on display in my office!

2. A cute mini Nativity! If you are a regular reader of this blog or know me well, you know that I am a collector of Nativities. A dear couple who volunteers at church bought me this adorable Nativity but someone else had the same idea so I have two of the same one. I decided to keep theres at church on display in my office to remind me that we shouldnt just celebrate the gift of Jesus just one day a year!

3. A framed picture of two of my dearest Diaconal Ministry friends. The picture was taken when we were at a DM gathering in Carefree, Arizona at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center! My friend R and I asked TE to go on a hike with us and talk about Diaconal Ministry. TE is a mentor in many ways to both of us!

4. In my office at my apartment, I have this pinky squishy pig that was bought at Walmart. It is a great stress reliever toy!

5. A couple of candles (which arent very exciting compared to the other schotzkes!)

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