Resurrection Hope

Grief is so hard! It can come in the most unexpected ways; whether through a song, a broken pair of sunglasses, and in so may ways. Yet in the midst of grief, God promises to never leave us or forsake us. God eventually leads us out of the darkness of grief into some glimmers of hope.

At the time of grief, it doesn’t seem possible that hope will eventually reveal itself. Yet the truth is that hope finds a way to the surface. I think of all the ways that I have seen hope revealed.

Approximately nine years ago when the Haiti earthquake happened, I never imagined that goodness and hope would come out of that tragedy. In fact, it was so hard to watch my friend Renee grieve her beloved husband Ben. It was hard to watch the people of Haiti as they said goodbye to their beloveds and searched for shelter, food, etc in the aftermath of this earthquake. Who would have known that a few years after this tragedy hope would shine brightly?

God led Renee to Jon and together they started a new life together. I loved what the preacher at their wedding shared about how Jon in no way replaces Ben but instead a new relationship is formed. And together, Jon and Renee have brought two beautiful boys into this world; reminders of God’s goodness and resurrection hope. Life is born out of death. Ben still sings.

As I stood at Jim’s grave and looked to my left to see my friend Rachel’s headstone, I knew that two of my friends were not united with Christ and that I should not be afraid. More hope revealed!

And as I watch Ben’s wife and daughter put one step in front of the other and as Mara begins a new call in a new community, hope once again reveals itself. Hope is found even in the midst of brokenness; in the midst of death and grief.

For it is in hope found in loss and grief, that we are God’s kintsugi revealing beauty in the midst of brokenness. In the words of Gungor music “God makes beautiful things out of dust, God makes beautiful things out of us.” We cannot be Easter people without first experiencing the reality of Good Friday.

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