Removing the Log from my Own Eye

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself!”

Over the last week, I have been attending our churchwide assembly and have been truly thinking a lot about racial diversity. I have been blessed this week to meet so many awesome people from around this world. My life is fuller for having met each and everyone of them. I can’t wait to hear and learn each of their stories.

But I’ll be honest and own up to my own log in my own eye, I am a privileged white woman and haven’t always seen my neighbors. But today I am raising my own expectations and covenanting to see all me neighbors around me. Because this isn’t about me!

We need to do better friends. Our words and our actions need to be in line with one another. Our words need to be more than lip service. Have you yourself ever felt like an outsider? Have you ever been judged for the way you’ve looked or said something?

As a single woman in this church, I know that I’ve said that I felt like the outsider. But the truth is, as a single white woman, I have truly never been an outsider. And as single white people, are we the outsiders? Absolutely not. But sometimes I think it can be so easy for us to pull our trump card to get what we want. That’s not right people!

In this church, are we not both/and Saint and sinner? I know for me, I am more sinner than I care to admit. But it’s time for me to own up and remove the logs from my own eyes. I need to not engage in graveyard talk.

So many women leaders of color have shown me something incredibly beautiful and holy this week. They have spoken truth over me, served me communion, and reminded me of the incarnational power  of God. They have begun to share their stories with me….and I am so thankful. I want to always see them as the magnificent gifts they are to this church.

I’m raising my own expectations
I’m removing the log from my own eye
And promising to do better!

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