Remembering Sabbath

Earlier this year some friends and I decided to do a book study together. The book we chose was “Sabbath” by Wayne Mueller. I’m loving this book and what it is teaching me. Sabbath is more than Sunday. Sabbath is whenever we stop. So how do we truly take time for Sabbath? And why is Sabbath so important?

In this fast-paced high tech world, it is so easy to be pulled in by the world around us. We can’t seem to leave home without our cell phones. We have the worlds good and bad news at the tips of our fingers. And I’m just as guilty as the next person.

But as I’ve read this book, I’ve realized how it important it is to not be connected all the time. God wants us to take in his creation. The last four summers, in the heart of Rocky Mountain National park, I have not had a problem marveling at Gods amazing creation. The continuing education event I attend reminds me of not being connected and simply truly taking in this “Sabbath” place. I even wrote a poem this year reflecting on this exact sentiment. (If I think of it, I’ll post it in another blog post)

This week I am on vacation and I haven’t gone far. But I am thankful for friends who understand the importance of “sabbath” and how hard that is to experience when you live three doors down from your place of work. I am blessed that they have offered me a place of sanctuary.

This week I have found myself watching the birds and taking in all of Gods creation. I have found myself realizing it’s ok to just be! I am spending time with God. I am praying and reading and listening to the world around me. I’m slowing down and remembering how important this Sabbath time is for me (is for each of us)! I am breathing in and exhaling knowing that God wants and needs me to take this time so I can fully be who God created me to be.

This week has been full of sitting outside, reading, listening to the crackle of the campfire and so much more. Where do you experience Sabbath? How do you spend time in Sabbath?

Some of my fave places of Sabbath from June 2014 in Colorado

Sprague Lake

Outside our meeting room at Meeker Park Lodge

Sunset at Lily Lake

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