So not that long ago I finished watching Real World on MTV and boy in just a few short seconds, life seemed so real to me. One of the guys got the call that his mother had passed away. Danny blamed himself for not being there etc. Danny immediately begin to regret coming to Austin etc. Now as I think of the reality of this situation, the first word that pops out at me is regret. Being that my mom has lived with a mental illness all of my life, I have often reflected on that word quite a lot myself. So many times, I wished that God would just take her away to make the pain go away etc. But then later, I regretted the fact that I even thought that way or even said it aloud to some of my own friends. Regret has a way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. Today on my friend Mark’s blog, he asked for advice for his friend who wanted to tell her staff at Bible camp something during their last week of the summer and again I immediately was taken back to my days at camp. Where there things I could have done better? Again regret. Now I think of the show tonight and the first thing I want to ask for is for God to help me cherish the moments and the things that I have done but not to dwell so much on my regrets. I pray that God helps us all to not dwell on our regrets but rather helps us through those difficult moments. Any thoughts from anyonelse on this topic.

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