Recharging My Batteries Friday Five

Share five things that steady your pace, recharge your batteries and invite peace to your soul.

(1) Watching tv….good mindless tv. I love watching reality tv and I think it is because so often it is not “reality” at all. Sometimes watching tv is just what the dr ordered especially when it comes to watching tv shows that I watched growing up..Full House, Boy Meets World, etc.

(2) A nice long walk. And it would be even better if that walk was with a good friend. There is just something so incredibly holy about spending time talking with a good friend. And it would be even more incredible if I was talking and walking with a good friend in one of my fave places—SuperAwesomeBibleCamp! 🙂

(3) A good book! I love a good book. I have gotten out of my routine of reading every day so I need to get back into that routine. It will be great when Spring finally arrives and I can sit outside on my patio reading. One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer.

(4) A bubble bath! Something so relaxing about a bubble bath!

(5) Spending time with friends and family. (I miss you guys!). Whether it be at a movie. Or chatting over dinner etc.

Bonus answers: Prayer! As I have been praying through my FB friends list during Lent, I have found it truly recharging my batteries. It has allowed me to not worry about my life and myself but to focus on those I love so dearly.

Writing/Blogging- Words have always been so important to me. There is something so healing and holy for me about putting words on a page. For me, writing can often be a form of prayer.

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