Raw and Real

Last night I was making Korean Bao sliders from my Blue Apron box. As I was frying the hamburger, I kept finding myself returning the hamburger to the pan at the sight of any red or pink meat. I’m a woman who loves her meat very well done so I had to make sure my meat was well cooked. In fact, I don’t want to see any hints of rawness exposed which got me thinking more about life.

How raw are you? Are you willing to be raw, real and vulnerable? Or are you afraid to expose yourself to the people around me? Exposing ourselves, in all our raw vulnerability and glory, is almost impossible to do. I know it took me a long time to show myself to the world; to share parts of my story that I never wanted to tell. Yet I’m reminded of Brene Brown’s words “The bravest thing you’ll ever do is tell your story.”

I believe that God wants us to be open and raw with one another; to remind each other that we are not on this journey alone. In fact, in sharing our stories, we no longer hide our own skinned knees, but rather compare our scars with one another; scars that like the scars left on Jesus’ hands after his crucifixion and resurrection remind us of the ultimate power of God.

It’s scary to expose ourselves. Yet God made each one of us unique. God wants us to show all of who God created us to be; as “fearfully and wonderfully made” beings. It may be scary, yet in exposing ourselves, we remind each other of the gift of who we are.

It’s important to be real and raw. This week my friend MG voxed me and shared how she appreciated my realness, my rawness and my vulnerability in sharing my story. To be honest, those are words that  15 years ago, you wouldn’t have heard about me. But over the years, I’ve learned the value of being raw. In being raw, I show every part of who I am even those parts I don’t even want to share.

Are you willing to be real, vulnerable and raw too?

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20 thoughts on “Raw and Real

  1. this totally inspires me, and yes, I've been trying very hard to be raw and real, and most people don't hear me. Funny about the burger—I used to love Steak Tartare, but I don't know that any restaurants serve it any more. My steal need to have the chill taken off, and even places like Outback don't quite to my XX-rare properly.

  2. Hi Tara,
    Not just with others, but I think God wants us to be vulnerable with Him too. When we let ourselves be raw and vulnerable with Him, He will do great things in, and through, us. And…being vulnerable with Him is the safest place to be. 🙂 Thanks for your visits to my blog! God bless!

  3. I think I am, Tara. I have such a shell built around myself — think of the hard candy coating on an M&M — that very few people actually really know me. Sadly, I'm coming to realize that this includes my husband to a large extent. No way to live. CERTAINLY no way to live as a Christian.

    Thank you for always being open and transparent.

  4. Yes, being raw and real is good. People need to see the grit so they know they aren't alone. Sometimes I wish I could be more raw and real, but choosing to share my blog with family and friends has made some of that awkward to get really gritty about.

  5. you are so right tara. being raw and vulnerable is not easy and of course, takes wisdom, but unless we are vulnerable, others often come away thinking our lives are all together…not b/c they are or b/c we want them to think that, but b/c we only share the good and beautiful, never the mundane or ugly that gives the full picture of GOD's amazing grace in the everyday!

  6. Oh girl… you know this is my jam! I'm so thankful that I outgrew my masks early on and decided to risk being real. It isn't always as safe or well received as we'd like, but being true to who you really are is always worth it!

  7. So true- it is important to be raw and real with one another and I love that this online community is a safe place to do that. It's not easy and it's definitely something I'm still growing in, but it is so important for deepening connections.

  8. I read this the other day and knew I wanted to come back and leave a comment. God is always teaching me to share who I am in a more transparent way. It never fails to take me way outside my comfort zone. You show me that by doing that with your story, you open yourself up to a deeper relationship with God and with others. Thank you friend!

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