Random Friday Five

So, for our Friday Five, I invite you share five random things about you, or five random thoughts, or five random surprises in your life. 

1. All of my cousins and I were all born on the third of a month. We are all girls. I also only have two first cousins.

2. I’m wearing my brown with pink Special Olympics ND hoodie!

3. I love nativities/manger scenes and collect them. I currently have about 30 different ones!

4. I love the Biggest Loser….and have a huge crush on Bob Harper!!

5. I am still very single….but someday hope to find my Mr. Right…sooner rather than later hopefully!

3 thoughts on “Random Friday Five

  1. I collect nativities, too! I don't have any out yet, but will put them out soon. I won't have all of them out this year, because my 1-year-old granddaughter will be here for Christmas and she reaches anything lower, like on top of tables. But it'll be a joy to have her here.

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