Public Witnesses to the Power of the Cross

Lent began with an ashen dusty cross on our foreheads; a reminder that “We are dust and to dust we shall return.” On that night, a heaviness encompassed the air as the relentless reality of the cross weighed on our shoulders. We woke again the next morning with the shadow of that ashen cross still barely visible but reminding us once again of our mortality.

From the cross, we step onto the path and begin our journey to the cross. Along the way, we are continually transformed as we encounter the love of Christ given freely to each of us. Together we sit and break bread with Jesus. We see and hear those who are opposing Jesus–the one who has come not to condemn the world, but to save it. We listen and take it all in; feeling every emotion. 
And on Good Friday, we find ourselves standing at the foot of the cross–silent! We so desperately want to stop it all, yet our words won’t come out. We can’t muster up the strength to prevent this from happening. Shocked and speechless,we stand and watch as Jesus cries out and then breathes his last. In the utter silence of this moment, it appears that death has the final word as Jesus hangs lifeless on the cross.
Three days later, the women come to the tomb. There is no stench from a decaying body. The stone is rolled away. They look in and realize that Jesus’ body is gone. They think it has been stolen. They run to tell others and along the way they encounter Jesus. Jesus is alive. He has been raised from the dead. Together, we all trust in this resurrection promise and loudly proclaim,”Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Allelulia!” 
From the cross to the grave to Easter morning, Jesus proclaims God’s scandalous love for all the world. This love opens our hearts to be transformed and renewed by this very love. This love also teaches us to follow Jesus example of love;”He loved them to the very end.” Together, it is this love that calls and claims us to be public witnesses to God’s love for all in this world. 
Knowing what has been done for us, our voices are no longer silent. We cry out for justice. We cry out for mercy and kindness. We cry out in all the ways we know how so that Gods love will be known to everyone. We cry out to break down the walls of injustice. We cry out so others will listen to those voices who aren’t being heard. We cry out because we are called “to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.” 
As public witnesses to the power of the cross and as bearers of the Word made flesh, we trust in the resurrection promise of hope; a hope that bears light, truth and life not darkness, falsities and death. In our public witness, our words and actions embody the power of God in this broken world. It shows us that death can be buried in the grave, but it does not have the last word–Christ does.

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