Present and Accounted For

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Present.”

I am here!
PRESENT and accounted for!

I am sorry that some of you were a tad worried that I hadn’t posted yet. It has been a hard few days. On Wednesday night, my purse was stolen. It had my cards, id, both sets of car keys, etc. So my present reality has been waiting for a detective to call me and trying to figure out how to get new keys for my car since both sets were in the stolen purse. It also has been making numerous phone calls to cancel old cards etc.

This morning, I had the joy of being present with a diaconal sister and friend. It was just what I needed to take my mind off of the heart hurt and ickiness I feel after having my purse stolen. It is so incredibly violating. I know that I am safe because my house keys were on a different key ring that was in my possession. Rationally I know that I am safe but irrationally my mind is going everywhere else. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep very well on Wednesday night. I tossed and turned and got up to check out every single noise that I heard.

Today I was present with my friend though. We got to eat and break bread together and catch up on life. And so many others have been present with me in the last few days. I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. * A sweet surprise of a purse left on my doorstep, a friend who rescued me by delivering me toilet paper and also a friend who took me around so I can finish a few different errands. Today, I am thankful of the gift of friends and family who God has placed in my life to be present with me.

The last few days are not days that I particulary want to be present in. But I am thankful that I am safe, that I am healthy, and that the things in my purse are replaceable. In celebration of my one word “embrace,” for the year, I want to embrace the good things. I want to embrace those of you who have prayed for me or are still praying for me. I want to embrace the cops who are doing their job. I especially want to embrace the love of all of you who have loved me. For that I am eternally grateful!

Now I am going to be present by catching up with all of your blogs, finish this episode of Little House on the Prairie that I am watching, and continue to give thanks as I am present in today. Today is indeed a new day!!

*This is where my five minutes ended.

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  1. Hi – Coming here from the Five Minute Friday linkup. (We must post around the same time usually?!) So sorry to hear about your stolen purse but I liked what you said about not wanting to be particularly present in your last few days but still being able to embrace the good things found there. A good reminder to us all!!

    • Hi Bethany! Actually funny thing is I usual post earlier…like one of the first ten people. But this week I posted later and am glad that I did. So fun to find new readers and blogs. Glad that my post was a good reminder to you today.

  2. What an incredible faith and testimony. I am praying for you during this ordeal. God is good and He will provide. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me today.

  3. Oh, my!!! I'll be praying for you. Like Bethany, I liked the comment about not wanting to necessarily be present in these difficult times, but choosing to be present by being grateful for the good.

  4. Wow, Tara. I'm so sorry! Years ago, my apartment was broken into. That's a long story, but I know that feeling of being violated. I'll be praying for you. What I love is how you are choosing to embrace the good in the midst of this trial. I love that God places people in our livesโ€”both so we can be present for them, and they can be the present for us, or be present with us. I hope things get sorted out quickly and that the thief is caught. Thank you for the reminder to embrace the good. Such good truth.

    • Thanks, Jeanne! I have been kind of surprised at how many people have had their home broken into or something stolen from them. Not a club I wanted to be a part of, but glad that I am not alone. Thanks for the prayers. They are so greatly appreciated. The thieves were caught on camera so hopefully they will be caught eventually. Luckily they are not members at First, but we are pretty sure one of them has eaten at our church's soup kitchen. So sad.

  5. So sorry about this whole thing and I have been praying for you for peace of mind and a knowing that He is with you and will keep you safe! Praise God for His covering and protection… as well as provision and grace! Missed chatting last night at the party… but I too was choosing to be 'present' with our co-pastors! Love you, friend! He redeems all things and restores that which was stolen! Restoration is better than before and somehow, I believe He will work it out like that even in this! xoxo

    • Oh yes, peace of mind is exactly what I needed in the midst of this ordeal. Thank you for that prayer friend. Yes, praise God for his covering, protection and provision. We missed you too. But understand you were enjoying being present with your co-pastors. Love you too friend! Love THIS SO MUCH: "He redeems all things and restores that which was stolen! Restoration is better than before.." xoxo

  6. Tara,
    so terribly sorry about your stolen purse. I filled out a "phishing" scam email from "ebay" when first married and they instantly charged our card. You don't feel safe anymore, and afraid to even check email was I.
    Gradually, you will feel bits of safety again. I'm so glad that though satan intended this for harm, that such good is coming out of it! That friends are reaching you and showing you how much you are valued and worth!
    May you be blessed this week!!
    (I may not linkup but if I do, I'll tell you. It was end of semester yesterday and I'm wiped out from the writing and grading!)

  7. Tara, I am so sorry and that is a scary thing. So glad you did have your house keys. Praying that you'll be able to get things replaced and no one will steal your identity, although I'm sure you're on top of that. I love the way you look for the good to embrace. Blessings to you, dear one!

    • Thanks! It was such a God thing that my house keys weren't in my purse. I am on top of it…cancelling cards, calling to put fraud protection on my accounts, etc. Blessings to you too friend!

  8. So sorry to hear about your stolen purse. I had my wallet stolen back in college and it was awful… a feeling of violation, loss and fear. Praying for you this week that all the things that need to come about will come about smoothly and that you will have peace! Big hugs and love to you! Happy Friday!

  9. so sorry to hear that your purse was stolen tara:( how maddening! i'm glad you are surrounded with people who are ministering love and care to you…and that you had the keys to your home! it's often hard to find the blessings in the middle of frustrating events isn't it? praying that GOD will provide for your needs.

  10. How terrible! But I'm so glad you've had such great friends to help you through it. ๐Ÿ™‚ "Today, I am thankful of the gift of friends and family who God has placed in my life to be present with me." This helps remind me to EMBRACE the friends and family that God has blessed me with… And truly enjoy each moment I have with them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings, friend!

  11. I'm sorry for the unpleasantness, Tara, but I LOVE your heart of grace and faith. You're an inspiration to me.

    Sorry it took me so long to get here…but I am so glad I did!

    • Thanks Andrew! I dont always feel like I have a heart of grace and faith. So thanks for pointing that gift out to me. I think it's incredible that you see me as an inspiration, because you inspire me!!

  12. Sorry you've had such a tough week. That's a horrible thing to happen. Praying for you as you sort everything out and that God gives you peace and helps you feel safe again. I love how you're looking for the good things in the midst of the difficulties.

  13. Oh no! Sorry to hear that you have had to go through all of that this week! I'm grateful, however, that you managed to find God's grace even through the midst of it all. Stay encouraged!

  14. Sweet Tara, I've been thinking about you since Thu evening. I would have probably handled such an offense horribly – weeping & wailing & worry aplenty. I pray everything turns out okay.

    ~#9 this wk

  15. Tara, your testimony of embracing grace in life's hard places is so inspiring. They may have stolen your purse and cards but they haven't taken away your abiding faith in God and how He can bring good out of everything we go through. Having friends to turn to when life gets extra challenging is wonderful and makes such unsettling times bearable. You are an encouragement to us as we see how well you handled this scenario with such a positive attitude and good grace. Thinking of you and praying you will have peace and inner rest as you cope with the aftermath of being robbed. Xx

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