Preparing the Way (Five Minute Friday)

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Prepare.” Write for five minutes; unedited.

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

My house is all prepared for Christmas. My tree is glimmering with Christmas lights as I type this. My television is on in the background. The Christmas cards are sitting on my kitchen table. They are addressed but I still need to finish them by printing and preparing the letter to be enclosed in the envelope with the car. My sister and I finished most of our Christmas shopping, but I still need to buy and prepare presents for my sister and my Mom. My nativity collection is displayed throughout my house. And every time I see a Nativity I am reminded of what this season is about.

This season is all about waiting and preparing for the birth of the Christ child. We prepare for the One who is the babe born in a stinky smelly stable in Bethlehem. We prepare for the One who comes as the light in the midst of the darkness. We prepare for the One who comes as an infant and then later dies on a cross for each and every one of us. We prepare for this precious infant who is the Way, the truth and the life.

This time of the year isn’t all about who has the prettiest decorations or the most presents under the tree. This time of the year is for us to prepare our hearts for this holy one. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, as we hear again the story of this precious holy child we again prepare our hearts and minds to trust in this holy one. This holy one who the wise men came to see as they followed the star that would prepare the way for them. This holy one who prepares the world to know that he will come again to judge the living and the dead. This holy one who prepares us to know that he will bring about his justice and mercy.

So during this Advent season, may we all cling to the promise and prepare the way for this precious holy one who is born under the night sky in a manger in Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph by his side.

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