Prayers Needed For A Beautiful Baby Girl

My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Maia at 3:30 am on Friday June 20th. She came into the world beautifully weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. They thought everything was fine. However it was not. Maia was blue and not getting enough oxygen. After working with her with a hand respirator for what seemed like forever, she was moved up to the ICU. Her lungs weren’t functioning. They were “stiff” and didn’t want to expand. A specialist worked on her for three hours trying to get her lungs to expand etc. He told my cousin that he was sending Maia via air flight to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas! He told my cousin and her fiance to come because the specialist wasnt sure Maia would make the flight. Angel One from Little Rock came and helped transport Maia. She made it to Little Rock and did well on the flight. The purpose of sending Maia was to place her in an EKMO (basically an iron lung);one of the only two in the U.S. and to have the expertise and staff of Children’s hospital. My cousin and her fiance drove to Little Rock on Friday afternoon after getting advice for my cousin since she had only given birth about 10 hours earlier. They were starved, exhausted etc. A friend of my cousins surprised both of them with their fave foods and they said it was just who/what they need at that moment. Maia is now stable with no changes. Its been very difficult. My aunt and uncle (my cousins mom and dad) and her sister (my other cousin) and her family are all with them in Little Rock. Its been hard. However there have been moments of seeing God at work. My (other)cousin’s friend prayed that Maia would open her eyes for her mom and the last two times my cousin has gone in to see Maia she has opened her eyes. Praise the Lord! It’s been frustrating because the reports have been very unclear. They would love to tackle a doctor and have them sit down and tell them what is going on. My cousins’ fiance (Maia’s dad) sits for hours to get information from a knowing dr. The latest report is that Maia’s pulmonary arteries going into her heart are okay. The narrowing is of the pulmonary artery branches into the lung. Narrowing makes it difficult for blood to reach the lungs to pick up oxygen. In an effort to overcome the narrowing the pressure in the right ventricle (the one that pumps blood into the pulmonary arteries) arises to levels that can be damaging to the heart muscle. My cousin and her family came to Little Rock knowing that if there weren’t positive results, Maia may be taken off the ECMO which is what is supplying her with oxygen. We are praising God that Maia is still here and that the doctors are willing to work with her. I along with my cousin and our families covet your prayers for Maia, Mom and Dad. Thanks!

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