Post-Easter Friday Five

This Friday Five is pretty simple:

1. What, if anything, are you doing to take your Easter season sabbath? Family? Vacation? Study Leave? Some combination of all three? My colleague told me to take a few days so I took Mon and Tuesday of this week. I was going to go stay at a hotel and swim etc but instead decided to just stick around here. I even booked a spa appointment for myself. A facial, sleep, watching crazy tv. I have never had a facial and it was glorious!

2. What is your favorite Easter season sabbath of all time? When I went to my seminary classes retread (3 year reunion).

3. If you’re not taking an Easter season sabbath, what is drawing your attention as the Revised Common Lectionary bids us bide awhile with Thomas and gang? Is there a Holy Hilarity service in your future? Hmmm….Im not sure. I keep thinking about how Thomas doubted at first. How often do we too doubt? What do we see or what has been seen by others before us? Just some thoughts…can you tell Im preaching this week?!

4. What would be your ideal Easter season sabbath? If you could go anywhere, do anything, with anybody? Getting to spend it with my fave people—-family and friends!

5. Tell the truth now: Any Easter candy left? Yes…some coconut M and Ms and Jelly Beans

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