Poetry in Motion

I am hot and sweaty right now. I sure hate humid weather but that is not the reason I came in here to post a blog on my blog. As some of you know, I LOVE to write poetry and have kind of been slacking in that area as of late. But for some reason tonight, I am feeling inspired but have no ideas what to write about. I often write about stuff that is on my mind…feelings, thoughts, etc. It really is one of my main ways to outlet. So any ideas from my readers, anything you think I might want to write about? Also was wondering if anyone would like to read some of my stuff? I have a binder full of my poetry. And for a little tidbit of information, ever since I was a little girl Ive loved to write. If I was bored, my mom said all she had to do was hand me a piece of paper and a pen and I was content. I also would love to be an author someday. However I do have a published piece in a poetry anthology from poetry.com. Well guess thats about it for now.

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