A Plethora of Things

Here it is 25 mins before I go home and I am not feeling motivated to do anything. 🙁 I actually got a lot done today but sometimes Mondays are just so hard to get through if you know what I mean. But enough about that, I hope everyone is doing well these days. Every time I turn around something seems to be going around the schools and stuff. I’ve actually been pretty healthy but this weekend came down with a stomach bug or something. I had a temp of 99.2, nausea, chills, etc. It was definetely no fun but at least Im doing good now. It’s like one of my friends and I were saying sometimes you dont even want to breath because you are afraid you are going to catch something. I know exactly what she means. But enough about that, hope everyone is well. But one of the main reasons I wanted to post was to tell you all about the two awesome cds I bought this past weekend. I decided to splurge and bought Katherine McPhees cd and Josh Groban’s cd Awake. They both are definetely worth their moneys worth. I love them both. Groban’s cd does make me wish I were in a relationship because it definetely is very romantic but I guess I’ll just have to wait until GOd brings Mr Right into my life. So what did you all think of this years Super Bowl’s commercials? For some reason, they didnt stand out to me in years past. Got any faves? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “A Plethora of Things

  1. I kinda liked the Snickers “Kiss” commercial, as well as the commercial where instead of the fist bump, they slapped each other. A lot of the commercials were kind of dumb though. But, those were my two faves! And I agree, Josh Groban is a great artist. I have one of his Cds, my mom has one, and I enjoy his webpage because you can listen on there, too! See ya later.

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better! I like Josh Groban too. What an amazing voice. Funny, I got a new CD last weekend, too, but I don’t think you will have heard of him. He’s a Japanese singer, and has (funny enough), a similar singing style as Mr. Groban. Too funny! Take care!

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