The Pirates Who….

Don’t do Anything! That’s right the new VeggieTales movie is coming out soon. I’m so excited. I think its funny that here I am almost 30 years old and I still love VeggieTales. Maybe it has to do with how it reminds me of seminary. I remember some of our professors talking about how they dont like them because they aren’t theological sound which I understand but I think they teach so well to kids. Enough about that though! I want to talk more specifically about the pirates. My group of friends at seminary and I used to call ourselves the Pirates who don’t do anything. We used to talk about how when we were upper classpeople we were going to sit on the lawn, drinking from our mason jars, watching everyone else. It became quite the joke. In fact for graduation, many of us bought each other mason jar glasses and pirate eye patches. I still have my pirate eye patch and my mason jar glass. Every time I drink out of that glass I think of my dear friends. Funny how we associate certain things with certain people. I can’t wait until this movie comes out but it would be even better if I could go to the movie with my own group of pirates…..who dont do anything! 😛

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