Pet Friday Five

1. Did you grow up with pets? Yes, my sister and I each had a cat. My sister’s cat was named Butterfinger after her favorite candy bar. I couldnt think of a name so I asked my dad to help me. He said, “Rocky, like as in Rocky Balboa” so I named my cat Rocky. When my parents got divorced, my mom had cats tooo. One was “Spooky” and the other is “Marshmallow.” My auntie and uncle now have Marshy!

2. Do you have any pets now?Nope; I cant in my apt building. Sometimes I wish I could have one

3. What is the funniest or worst thing any of your pets have ever done? Hmmmm thats a hard one. One of the strangest things about our pets was they had six toes.

4. Who is/was your favorite pet? My Cat Rocky!

5. How did you train your different pets? Just tried to teach them!

BONUS: Pictures of a pet or one you wish you could have.

1 thought on “Pet Friday Five

  1. I really like the name "Butterfinger" for a pet! Until our last three dogs, we always named our puppies after food–Licorice, Bagel, Toffee, Hershey!

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