Pesky Friday Five

Here is an insect-ious Friday Five:

1.What kinds of pests are in your neighborhood or area? WOODTICKS! Mosquitoes, flies,bees, wasps, etc!

2. Is there a time of year or day that increases their activity? Weather affects their activity or not? Oh yeah. Woodticks don’t like the cold but the minute the weather gets nice they are a pain in the butt!

3. Is there any pest that was new to you when you moved to a new location? Nope!

4. How do you treat insect bites? Are you allergic to any? Crest Toothpaste works wonders on stopping the itching of mosquito bites! Nope I’m not allergic to anything!

5. Anything else you want to write about connected with insects/pests–Nope!

2 thoughts on “Pesky Friday Five

  1. Woodticks sound yucky. I'd never heard of Crest toothpaste helping the itching. Would Colgate, too? That's what I have. Maybe I'll have to go buy some Crest.

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