The Perkins Bet

After my last post, I still have a lot to share but am going to stick with something lighthearted tonight. But before I even tell this story I have to make sure not to incriminate my dear friend and I want her to know Im posting this story because it was requested by a certain friend in Japan who is currently missing Perkins runs. Two of my dear friends and I decided to go to Perkins for one of our many late night runs. While there and while enjoying our food, this man kept running to the bathroom, coming back, etc. When he came back, he had changed his clothes and had a bag of clothes with him. Being the curious minds that we are, we wondered what was going on. He didnt look like a homeless man or anything. In fact I would say the man was pretty cleanshaven etc. But our curious minds got the best of us, so myself and the male friend that was with bet our other friend; a female, $5 to ask him why he kept changing his clothes so being the brave soul she is, she walked up to him and asked him. The man got embarrassed and left. Not only was the man embarrassed so was our friend, in fact, she felt terrible about the entire situation. But worst of all some teenage girls came up to our table and in their cheerleader type voices said that was so rude. Needless to say the girls made our friend feel worse. It’s definetely a story and a situation all three of us have learned from. We will never do anything like that again. And to be honest, Im not so sure that we ever paid up on our bet!

In other news, I’m adjusting to life in a new community. The people of my church have made me feel so at home. However I havent met many people my age which has been hard. I suppose in time that will happen. Besides I know that no matter where I am at, my bestest friends will stay with me forever. In fact, I get super excited when my phone rings these days because who knows when it will be one of my dear friends calling and there is just something about hearing someone’s voice if you know what I mean.

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  1. For the record, I only requested Perkins, and you chose the incident. However, it’s a funny incident (now!), and I hope our non-incriminated friend will forgive our irrevent trip down memory lane!

    Ah, Perkins, 24-hours and bottomless coffee, making it – of course – perfect for “Jesus and the Gospels” papers and first dates. Thanks for the memories!

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