Penning Words

The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “talent.” 

“Mom, Are you ok?”

You’ve been in bed all day.

Is there anything I can do?

Mom, are you sad?

Are you mad?

Or are you glad?

I want you back

The mom who would play with me

Read to me

Laugh with me

Instead of just lay in bed.

Can a doctor heal you?

Give you medicine to make you feel

So much better.

Some call you crazy

Others call you lazy

But you are neither

You are a beloved child of God!

I love to write. I would call it a talent. My new goal is to write a children’s book about mental illness. This is a very first draft. What do you think? What’s missing?

6 thoughts on “Penning Words

  1. Tara, this hits close to home…both of my parents were mentally ill, and childhood was a nightmare.

    The one thing I would suggest is to make sure that there is no suggestion that a child’s love can be a saving grace, for this is no place for children.

    A sonnet was inspired; true but perhaps not too nice.

    I called them Whack Jobs at the time,
    but perhaps that was too brutal
    for mental illness is no crime,
    and my anger was, well, futile.
    As I child I was sure-bound
    (said more accurately, fettered)
    and in the sad dark end I found
    that I could not make them better.
    The played me off against each other
    and I learned how to despise
    the honorifics, ‘Dad’ and ‘Mother’,
    and the scales fell from my eyes
    to see that I was all alone.
    and I’d have to make it on my own.

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