Peace in my Heart

I’ve been spending the last few days at a Gathering of ELCA Diaconal Ministers. My cup absolutely overflows when I’m with these dear brothers and sisters in “Diakonia.”

This morning we did the business part of our gathering where we elected a new leadership/transition team. Ever since entering this community, I’ve loved (and still love) our prayerful way of listening to where God is leading us. And I along with many of us have been open to that call.

Three years ago my name appeared on the list of potential names. However God did not lead me to that call. This morning I again said I was open to that call. My name once again appeared. And we prayerfully narrowed 5 names down to 2 names. At the end, my name was not one of those names. And to be honest, I felt and still feel complete peace.

Peace that our community elected two beautiful strongly gifted women. There is peace in my heart that God led us to elect these two individuals. Peace that God sensed I wasn’t the right person at this time and peace that God will lead and new life will emerge!

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for bringing forth my name. I’m honored that you would even feel God leading you to write down my name.

Continued Prayers and blessings to our new leadership/transition team!

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