Pass the Chocolate!

Thursday is always made so much better by the Five Minute Friday Twitter party. If you don’t know about this party, you must join us and check it out. We chat and wait for our gracious host to give us the word prompt. Then we are to set our timers for five minutes and write without making any edits. It’s a practice in free writing! 

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “pass.”

There is something incredibly holy about sitting around the table and passing dishes between one another as we converse. I am reminded of Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving dinner. The plate passes from one hand to the next. I am also reminded of every time we gather around the communion table because breaking bread together is a holy act.

One of my favorite things about Thursday nights is gathering on Twitter for our Five Minute Friday Twitter party. We often end up talking about all things Gilmore Girls or about chocolate or whatever is happening in our lives during this week. Tonight we shared recipes for making brownies in a mug.

Pass the chocolate. Pass the brownies. Pass the yummy decadent dessert. During our Twitter parties, we are passing them virtually. But someday I believe, this side of heaven, we will gather and pass the chocolate, brownies and decadent dessert around a table in real life. What a joyous occasion that will be.

Yet I have a feeling there will also be unspoken words too because there will probably be some missing from our table. Will Andrew still be with us? Or will he have passed on to another life? Will others be missing from our table too? Or will others be added to our table too? It will be a table gathered to pass plates and goodies as we laugh, cry, and talk. I even can see little ones gathered at the table too. I will be the first to ask to have the baby passed to me so I can get my baby snuggles in.

I don’t want to pass this by. I want to treasure every moment, every conversation, and every Twitter party until the day we meet around the table in real life. So for now..will you just pass the chocolate?I’ll be waiting!

50 thoughts on “Pass the Chocolate!

  1. such fun, hopeful ideas! Would you believe I'll pass on the chocolate, but I'd love to choose a different decadents dessert or super-savory entrees?! I'm parked in #7 this week. BTW, I went over to the party (never have had trouble finding it) but still could not figure out how to participate.

    • Sorry that you'll pass on the chocolate, but definitely will have a different decadent dessert for you. I wish I could show you how to join in on the party.

  2. River Song, the easiest way to participate is to use an app like tweetchat or tweetdeck that keeps all of the tweets with the #fmfparty hastag together in one column–that way it's easy to jump in a conversation and read the responses :). Tara, ah! I missed chocolate chatter?! The school year is almost over, so I'll be able to rejoin soon! I miss you guys!

  3. i enjoyed this tara. i wish i could be part of that group, but the timing doesn't usually work for me…plus, i'm not sure i could manage the logistics of it. i did enjoy your description of a great community:)

    • Christina, my first FMF post was in May of 2012 but then really didn't start doing it regularly until August of 2013. I have been attending the Twitter parties for about the last two years. I am so glad that I can cheer you on.

  4. Tara girl, once again we're writing in similar veins. Fellowship friend…doesn't matter what the food, be it chocolate or meat and potatoes, it's the fellowship around the table. and the #fmfparty is our table.

  5. I love all that conversation on the Twitter chat room. I don't get there often because Thursday night is our family night and I try not to stay on the computer that night but spend time with the family. But Friday morning I read through and see the results of the party mayhem! Glad you have a great time with good friends! (Stopping by from FMF #33) Have a great weekend!

    • Rachel, I am glad you have a night to spend with your family. That is so important. So glad you read through the party on Friday mornings. Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. Tara, the image of passing food around the table is powerful. It is a holy act and I feel grateful to carry that image with me today. Thank-you.

  7. Whilst anything involving passing food around a table will *always* grab my attention…this is such a wonderful wonderful tribute to the power of FMF!!

    Love it. So clever.

    I'm seriously thinking of signing up for Twitter just to join in the excitement over there!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Helen xxx

  8. Your title certainly caught my attention! I agree there is something special about sitting together round the table. And every week I hear about the Twitter party and wish I could join in. The problem is I think it's at about 2.30am here! Maybe one day I'll make it when I don't have work the next day!

  9. So Much Amen! I love this tribe… this community who know how to love and be real and share faith – as well as doubt and fear… who are willing to dream out loud and risk tapping words unedited and unplanned! One day, inrl! For sure! (Now – to find that Tweet that Kate did last night with the actual recipe…) 😉

  10. Well now I just want to sit around the biggest table ever with everyone and have the bestest feast imaginable! I don't know if I'll ever get to see everyone this side of Heaven, but I'm so thankful that one day we will get to do just as you've described. The greatest part about it is that we'll have the Lord right before our eyes, right at the table with us!

  11. Tara, I love your words, and love your heart. Your fresh perspective on life continues to bless me. Yes, please pass the chocolate. I can't wait to meet you in person some day! Much love, friend!

  12. Love this, Tara. I hope to some day sit around the table with some of you…but living in the Netherlands, I might just have to settle for heaven! Wish the time worked for me to join in on the Twitter party…sounds like fun! Chocolate: yes, please!

  13. Sadly, my GMT time zone and desperate need for rest/sleep means I have to pass on the Twitter parties. They sound lovely. Tara, thank you once again for taking the prompt and running with it in such a fun, sweet way. What's not to like about friendship, fellowship, desserts and chocolate? Make mine dark, please – 80% preferably! 🙂 x

  14. Tara,
    passing you some chocolate right now. I think if we get to have the Marriage Supper, then Heaven will definitely include passing the mashed potatoes dripping with butter (no gravy, please).
    🙂 Love you!!
    (#70 this week)

  15. Someone once said, friendships are made over shared meals. I believe it, I thank God for the women in my life. Thank you for sharing from your heart today!

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