Paralyzed by Fear

I turn on the television
Chaos all around me

Disbelief–that is no longer disbelief–
at what I see unfolding
Before my very eyes.

Immediately paralyzed by fear.

I fear for those I love;
For my LGTBQ friends,
For my black and brown friends,
For all my friends who are seen as outsiders.

Fear encircles.

I am afraid to stand up for what is right.
I am afraid to speak my mind.
I am afraid for what will happen if I speak truth.

Yet God calls me to speak truth;
To be brave.

I will not let fear silence me.

I will listen to the words of our God
As he proclaims over and over again,
“Do not be afraid.”

Words that appear 365 times in Scripture
One for each day of the year.

Yet the truth is that fear is here.
Fear paralyzes hourly, daily, every minute.
Fear encompasses us all.

Fear that is for me taken away through
This one who cries out and pierces the darkness;

The one who continually reminds us that we are never alone.
That God will never leave us or forsake us.

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