Our Heavenly Home (A Review on A Place to Land by Kate Motaung)

“And we will come back home; And we will come back home; Home, again! And we will come back home; And we will come back home; Home, again! And we will come back home; And we will come back home; Home, again!”–From Now On Lyrics from the Greatest Showman soundtrack (produced by Greg Wells, Alex Lacamoire, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul)

Just two weeks ago, I found myself traveling on a train returning home after our friend Ben’s funeral. My friend Bryant shared a story that resonated with me. On their way back from the funeral, their three children were in the backseat on their electronic devices. Bryant and his wife L were listening to music as they reflected on the day. All of a sudden, from the backseat, all three of their kids piped up and belted out the above words from this song from the Greatest Showman. I can just picture these three bright eyed children gleefully and joyfully singing out these words. A beautiful reminder of what we are given to share in this life.

Before I left for that trip, I began reading my friend Kate’s book “A Place to Land.” The book is the story of Kate’s journey with her mom’s cancer while living on another continent. It is also the story of being torn between the home she grew up in and her new home in a new place. It is a journey that pulls the reader along through all of its ups and downs, twists and turns.

Kate’s words were also a gift to me in the midst of my own grieving. Losing a friend or anyone we love is never easy. But it is especially hard when they leave us way too early. Kate’s grace-filled words remind me that Ben was now reunited with our heavenly king and was now in his eternal home. A place we all will get to go to eventually too.

“Every day I’m only one step closer to eternity (A Place to Land; Kate Motaung).”

Often when I find a book that speaks to me, I find that it is hard for me to escape the words on the page. I sink in and want to journey along with the writer. A Place to Land did that for me! And I believe it will do it for so many of us. The journey of grief is one that most of us are not strangers to in our own lives. It helped to know that others had been on the cancer journey too. In fact, we are part of a beautiful cloud of witnesses scattered across time and space.

This beautiful cloud of witnesses is claimed as God’s beloved children through the waters of Baptism. In both life and death, God calls each and every one of us by name and calls us beloved! Beloved children of God who have a home waiting for them beyond their earthly home.

“Home is more than just a place. It is a promise (A Place to Land).”

This book is Kate’s families story. It is a story that pulls us all back to our heavenly home. A heavenly home that beckons and calls us back. And when we trust in that promise, we know that our homes here on earth are only for now and we can triumphantly declare “And we will come back home.” For God is waiting to welcome us to our heavenly home!

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