Our Gold Lacquer

The colored sand spilled out on the floor to create a beautiful cross. I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. It was a hot summer day when my co-counselor and myself found ourselves in the craft shack with our campers. One of our more difficult campers picked up the jar of colored sand to work on her piece of sand art. But in her carelessness, the jar spilled out onto the floor. Frustrated with our camper, we began to grab items to clean up the floor. But in moments, we were stopped dead in our tracks. I looked down and laying on the floor was this beautiful cross.

In it’s brokenness, it was not a perfect cross. In fact, it was far from perfect; spreading from one side to the other the sand created a new image on the floor. And in our own brokenness, God makes us whole again too; makes us new. In fact, it is the gold lacquer of our own stories that tell again and again who and whose we are as beloved children of God.

My gold lacquer shines forth as I share the words “I am the daughter of a woman who lives daily with a mental illness.” My gold lacquer glistens as I share the stories of my own faith journey. My gold lacquer is still a little wet from living through unexpected change and coming to the other side of the mountain; to the next best thing. And, my friends, your gold lacquer shines and glistens as you tell your own stories of kintsugi; of brokenness.

And Jesus himself holds his own stories of brokenness. Jesus bears the scars of the nails in his hands and feet and the crown of thorns on his head. Jesus bled as he uttered his last breath. Yet Jesus overcame death and the grave because of God’s power–the one who ultimately has the power to overcome death and the grave. God resurrected his son from the grave. God redeems all that is broken. In fact, our God is a God of redemption and hope.

Redemption and hope that carries through our own cracks; our own broken lines that are covered in gold lacquer. Gold lacquer that continually reminds us that we are never alone; that God promises to never leave us or forsake us. It also continually reminds us of the promise that we are God’s beloved children. The gold lacquer tells us again and again who and whose we are especially when we can’t seem to remember who and whose we are.

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  1. I love the inspiration you received from your cross miracle. What a beautiful moment to capture of the sand forming an imperfect cross. God takes our imperfections and turns them into perfection. Thanks for sharing. I am so enjoying your series.

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