Our Brokenness Doesn’t Define Us!

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It can be so easy to get wrapped up in our brokenness and to think that it defines us. People look at us and they don’t see our brokenness. They do not know our stories. Yet we get so caught up in our brokenness and the ways it defines us. The thing is, my friends, is that we are all cracked and broken pots (see yesterdays post). But God makes us whole again.

God stands with us in the midst of our brokenness and wants us to know that that is not what defines us. What defines us is that God calls and claims us as God’s beloved children. We are defined by our title “children of God.” In other words, I am not defined by what I am not. I am not defined by my singleness or my suffering. I am not defined by my desires to be a wife and mom. I am defined as a beautiful beloved child of God.

“Tara Lee Ulrich, you are a baptized child of God, whatever else you are, remember that you are; for that is the basis of whatever else you are.” These beautiful words remind us all of who and whose we are. They define our belongness as children of God claimed in the waters of baptism. 

At the cross, Jesus died for our sins and because of God’s love for us, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection also help remind us who and whose we are. The cross embodies the definition of our calling as God’s beloved children. In the words of the christian group Gungor God makes beautiful things out of dust; out of us! So remember you are not defined by those things that bear you down; you are defined as one of God’s beloved children. 

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  1. I was just talking to a friend today about some of the dangers of letting our brokenness be the most defining thing about us — because Jesus doesn't see us that way. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Jeannie (#30 in the linkup this week)

  2. Excellent essay, Tara. There's a lot of "Oh, I'm broken!" in Christendom today, and it does become something of a definition…and it totally misses the point.

    Jesus came, as C.S. Lewis put it, for 'the healing of harms'. Broken is past; whole and loved is NOW.

  3. It is easy to feel defined by our brokenness or to worry, when others know, that it is how they define us. It is so important to remember that God is who really defines us.

  4. great post:) to know that we are no longer defined by our brokenness. no longer condemned if we are in Christ? wow! exciting and joyful news… especially as we wait for easter:)

  5. "It can be so easy to get wrapped up in our brokenness and to think that it defines us." While acknowledging and lamenting our brokenness is necessary, it is only half of the gospel. We leave Jesus hanging on the cross. His resurrection witnesses to the hope and the restoration of our broken beings. "God makes beautiful things out of dust; out of us!"

  6. Indeed! Such a gift, isn't it! We've been watching Moana nonstop this week (spring break!) and I love the part when the lava monster regains her heart and becomes the mother island. But the best line is, "This does not define you." So, so true.

  7. Tara, I love how this post starts with speaking about our brokenness but focuses most on who we are in Christ, our new blood-bought identity in Him. I also love the positive identity affirmation you spoke over yourself. It's always worth reminding ourselves of being God's beloved child and how it defines our lives. These words are so true: "Jesus' life, death and resurrection also help remind us who and whose we are" and important to hold on to. Because nothing and no-one can take this away from us, praise God! xo

  8. It is so easy to allow how we feel like "broken" to become what defines us, as I have struggled through mental health (and still do!) I have turned time and time again to the words "by His stripes I am already healed" because God, already took on this battle for me, I just have to figure out the best ways, with His help, to allow myself to move past broken and to being whole. Thanks for another awesome post Tara!

  9. Powerful message, and one that needs to be stated over and over, I think! So easy to let our brokenness feel like it is all we will ever be, but it is only part of the story. Thank you for your wise words.

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