“Optimistic, Not Pessimistic”

So why did it I click on this link?:
Why Am I Still Single?

Some interesting thoughts! I’m not sure if I have thought any of these thoughts but they definetely make me wonder about the question; WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? I know that I definetely yearn for a family, a husband, etc etc etc and I wonder if God would make me yearn for these things if they were never going to happen for me. I find myself saying NO WAY! God wants these things for you. So just wondering if maybe sometimes I inadvertently do think pessimisticly and maybe should start thinking more optimistic.

I remember a conversation my colleagues and I had at work way back in September. They made me reframe what I pray for in my life etc. I also specifically remember one of them saying he hoped and prayed that someone would be put in my life who would bless me and who I would bless in return; “blessed to be a blessing.” I did join a local writing group to help with this and believe I have been blessed by attending it etc. However I still havent found someone I have that “connection” with and who we bless in return.

I vow that I am going to try and think more optimistically as I wait to find my Mr. Right and no longer be single…..

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