One Journey

I am linking up for Five Minute Friday.  The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “journey.” I’ve missed the party and my people the last several weeks. I need to get back into a routine! Love you all! We’d love to have you join us.  Just hop onto Twitter on Thursday evenings and follow the #fmfparty. Hope to see you there! 

I stand with my back to the sun. I walk along the path and journey to my next destination. The prairie wind blowing in my hair. I stop and pick up a sunflower; a reminder of God’s amazing love and abundance. After awhile, I continue on until I end up at the shores of  Lake Sakakawea.
At the shores, I sit and let the water lap against my body. I feel the warmth of the sun on my back while also feeling the cold of a Fall North Dakota day in every fiber of my being. I sit and contemplate all that is going on in this world. I want to run…run away from it all.
Yet God beckons me to get walk with him…to sit and listen to those who are different than me. And as I continue to listen and walk, I grab hold of the hand next to me. Before long, I am walking along not alone but holding hands with all of my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ; all of God’s beloved children. Together we continue along.
After awhile, my new friends each have to part ways. Yet I know our souls are connected as we truly listened to one another. The last one leaves and it is just me and God’s creation. I continue along taking in all of God’s good creation. 
I sit down at one of my fave places and lift my eyes up to the hills; up to the sky, asking for God’s peace and justice to prevail. I feel a shift in my body and soul. I stand up and let out a sigh as I journey into the world knowing God is the one ultimately in control. 

44 thoughts on “One Journey

  1. And He placed you in this world for such a time as this. To shine even brighter as the darkness grows. 🙂 You are a beautiful star, reflecting the one and only Son…
    Lovely indeed, Tara.
    (#10 tonight!)

  2. Tara, loved this imagery. I, too, am thankful to be walking life's journey with friends. Some I've met in person. Some, I've met online. All are precious and special. Each adds dimension to my life. Including you. Have a great weekend, Tara!

  3. Love this Tara! And love that your journey came to life as I was reading it! I have missed the FMF "party" too; at least the link-up. I don't have Twitter so I usually just wait for the word; most Thurs. nights I forget! I want to get back into the "habit" so I can catch all these wonderful people's links!!

    So, joining you for FMF…mine will get written sometime today!!

  4. This is stunningly beautiful Tara! I walk often (or at least I did before I fractured a rib) and let God use that time in the way He sees best. It is always a time to learn, listen and receive love from my Heavenly father. The image of other people joining you for the journey and becoming one is what our world needs. Thank you for such life-giving words.

  5. That's important, to sit down and listen. We don't have to come away agreeing with the "other side," but slowing down and allowing them to space to speak helps us to remember that they're human beings, too.

  6. "I sit and contemplate all that is going on in this world. I want to run…run away from it all."

    I love your honesty. I am having that kind of day today. I appreciate your encouragement I need to remember that I am not alone on this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your words and your heart.

  7. God beckons me to sit and listen to those who are different from me. Yup! I get so caught up in my own journey that I constantly have to remind myself… it's not about me. Somehow, this is often easier for me to do when I get away, outside, to a space that sounds very similar to the one you described.
    Patricia (FMF#42)

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