Now I’m Hungry….Friday Five!

1) Is there a food from a foreign land whose reputation led to trepidation when you had a chance to give it a try? Did you find the courage to sample it anyway? If so, were you pleasantly surprised or did you endorse the less than favorable reputation that preceded it? I haven’t traveled to any foreign land YET so I haven’t tried anything yet that I have been apprehensive about. When I was a student at WTS, I was invited to some of our international students homes so I am sure I tried something that I had never tried before but I am not remembering or recalling what that might have been.

2) What food from your own country/culture gets a bad rap? Hmmm….I am not sure. I suppose if you asked in this neck of the woods it would be Lutefisk. There are people who LOVE it but I cant stand it!

3) Of what food are you fond that others find distasteful? I can’t think of anything.

4) Is there a country’s food, not native to you, that you go out of your way to eat? I love Mexican food!!

5) What is your guilty pleasure food? Any of my Grandma’s German cookin: Knoephla soup, strudels, dumplings, kuchen and so much more!

Bonus: What was your most memorable meal (good or bad), either because of the menu, the occasion, the company, or some other circumstance that makes it stand out? It wasn’t a full meal but one memory around food that always sticks out in my head is celebrating my first birthday away from family when I started seminary. I bought my own bday cake! (I was in a new place and was just meeting and making friends. These people later became dear friends and my one friend later said they never should have let me buy my own cake!) We had watched a clip from the movie “Chocolat” in class so we decided to watch the whole movie that night in the tv lounge. After the movie, we dug into my cake. Someone decided we should eat it with our hands so we did! We laughed so hard…we were rolling on the floor laughing. One of my favorite birthday memories!!

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