Not Letting Fear Win

Fear has this crazy way of catching us dead in our tracks. Often fear paralyzes us and ties us to our chairs. Fear has a way of keeping us from doing those things that we feel called to do. Fear is an emotion every single one of us feels in our life.

The first time I heard Zach Williams song “Fear is a Liar,” I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the words to this song. The chorus is as follows: “Fear, he is a liar, he will take your breath away, stop you dead in your steps, fear he is a liar, he will rob your rest, steal your happiness; cast your fear in the fire, cause fear is a liar (Fear is a Liar; Zach Williams).”

Fear is a liar but the verses to this song are what really captured my attention. The first verse starts like this: “When he told you you’re not good enough, when he told you you’re not right, when he told you you’re not strong enough.” Friends, I don’t know about you, but I have felt that. I have felt that I am not good enough. I have felt that I am not strong enough. But the truth is that I am good enough. You are good enough. I am strong enough. You are strong enough. I can hold off fear and throw it to the ground if I really try and let myself. And you too can hold off fear and cast it to the ground.

This weekend, I went to our local high schools production of Shrek the Musical. I will admit that some of the jokes were crewd and I was offended a little. But I also saw a really strong message about how we are to be exactly who God calls us to be. I was so proud of my youth who stood on that stage. If they had let fear get in the way of their dreams, they wouldn’t have been up on that stage. Fear would have won.

And how often do we let fear win? I know that there have been many times in my life when I have let fear win! As I finally begin the steps to start respite foster care, I realize how I should have started this process a long time ago. I have to admit that I think I have let fear get in the way too often. But not this time…fear is not going to win! Fear will be defeated!

It seems no coincidence to me that the words “Do not be afraid” appear 365 times in Scripture one for every day of the year. Mary heard those words as the angel came and told her she would bear the Christ child. Throughout Scripture, these very words were spoken to so many. Jesus promises that he will never leave us or forsake us. Even when fear takes hold of us, especially when fear takes hold of us, Jesus takes our hand and walks right alongside us.

Lately I have been listening to Lauren Daigle’s new album Look Up Child a lot. Yesterday as I was thinking about fear, I thought of Lauren’s song You Say. This song is filled with promise that reminds us that fear will not win. “You say I am loved when I cannot feel a thing, You say I am strong when I think I am weak, You say I am held when I am falling short, When I dont belong you say that I am Yours.”

Indeed we are, friends. Indeed we are….and because of this, I will not let fear win! I will turn to the one who promises to walk with me and will hold my hand as I walk through the fear.

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