Norwegian Golf is defined as…

Well I better get first things first done, some of my readers asked what makes Norwegian Golf different from other golf so though I better not leaving them hanging and describe it. This was the first time Ive ever played and didnt even know that was what it is called until someone told me. It also is called ladder ball. You have a thing that basically looks like a small ladder with three rungs on it. Then you have golf balls tied on to string (two golf balls tied onto string). Each rung of the ladder is a point…top is 1, middle is two, buttom is three. The goal is to get the balls to land on the rungs. Its harder than it sounds though but sure is lots of fun. Not the best explanation but I think you get the idea. Now that that is out of the way, I wanted to let you all know that I am going on a little trip for the weekend so wont be blogging for a couple of days. A dear seminary friend and I are meeting up in South Dakota for the LifeLight Festival. Im super excited. LifeLight is similar to SonShine…100 concerts on 6 stages. Im looking forward to hearing Go Fish, Casting Crowns, Rebecca St James, etc. My friend C and I are going to have a blast together. Figured it was a good time to get away for a little break before things get crazy busy around here. Besides my 28th bday is on Sunday and it is no fun to spend your bday alone. C has to be back to her internship site church to preach on Sunday so Ill probably go to my dads and help him paint the house. He’s trying to sell it so him and his girlfriend can move into a new house. She wants to retire and move to my home town. I wonder if they will ever get married! Well I suppose I should head to bed since I have to be up early to head to text study tomorrow. Have a happy Labor Day Weekend! And Ill be back up and blogging early next week!

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  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day, fun and friends!

    Have fun at the concerts — so jealous … Go Fish is one of my favorite bands ever.

    and .. my mom finally got married, so I believe there is hope for your dad! *wink*

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