No Regrets

Six years ago today, I watched as my friend Ben married the love of his life Mara! The joy between them was palpable! The photograph captured this joy in all the photos taken. It’s one of my most favorite memories of my friend Ben; to see him so giddily happy!

Its a trip I almost didn’t take, but knew that I had to. I drove about 5 hours to my friend Carries and then we drove to the wedding together. The whole way jamming to Mumford and Sons. We even stopped at the castle; our beloved Wartburg Seminary¬†for a quick pit stop. At the wedding and reception, this community celebrated with Ben and Mara. Many of those same individuals came together last March to celebrate Ben’s life and commend Ben to Gods care. The same card box used at their wedding used at the visitation and funeral too.

There are moments we sometimes regret in life. The conversations we never had. The dream left by the wayside. But there are also moments that one does not regret. I for one second do not making that road trip for Ben and Mara’s wedding. I do not regret hopping the train and being there for Ben’s funeral. In fact, it’s one of those moments I’m so thankful I got to share with Ben’s friends and family as we grieved in community together. I don’t regret saying goodbye to Rachel with our friends. And I for sure don’t regret saying goodbye with our dear family friends. Each of these moments remind me of someone who I loved and loved me back.

No regrets that I shared my life with them. No regrets for the joy they brought into my life. No regrets because of the ways each of them showed me Gods love and grace. Because of this love, today, I will celebrate Ben and Mara and their love for one another that is embodied in their daughter Elizabeth. Happy 6th Anniversary friends!

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