No One is Perfect!

Hi all! So today I went to work at SEI at 12:30 to work from 12:30pm-5pm but when I got there, I was pulled aside. I had screwed up. I was suppose to work yesterday from 12:30 pm-5pm. Oh well no one is perfect. But I am going back this evening to work from 5-10pm. At least that will make up for the hours I lost from yesterday. In other news though, Beulah called. They want me to come spend some time with them. They even have put together a call committee etc so hopefully something will work out very soon. Like my friend Heather says, this call process for me is definetely of Biblical proportions. God is saying keep interviewing until I lead you “home.” I think shes right on that. I guess I will just continue to trust in the Lord. Heather, glad you liked the idea for my children’s sermom. You can borrow it anytime! 🙂 As for my WTS friends, hope you all had fun on your J-term experiences. I enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your pics. I hope to hear more from you soon. Also want to add a quick prayer request. My dad is having surgery on Feb 10 on his foot. Nothing serious but pray that the surgery goes well. Talk to ya all later. God bless!!

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