A New Fall-Line Up!

I love this time of year. I love watching the leaves turn different colors. However the one thing I hate about this time of year is my sinuses, colds, etc. I am feeling fine. I just wish I didnt feel like my nose was so super stuffed. Oh well. Im sure in time it will go away. I am working on my first summer here at my new job. It is exciting but a little scary. Maybe Ill be brave enough to post it once its completed and given. But enough about that, Im so excited for the fall line-up to start…Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Ugly Betty, ER, etc. Hard to believe its already that time of the year again. Any new shows you are excited to see? Any new shows you already like (You’ll have to post them once you watch them since they are just starting)? I have become a fan of the new show “Nashville”. Maybe its because Terry Bradshaw’s daughter is on it. Im not sure! Let me know what you enjoy watching and maybe Ill just have to check it out myself!

2 thoughts on “A New Fall-Line Up!

  1. None that I’ve discovered yet; I watch very little tv other than the news, but then again I am so sad since I’d gotten totally engrossed and addicted to Brothers and Sisters, but now my schedule is back to very early rising every morning, so at least for now B&S needs to go since it airs from 10-11 sunday evening in these parts. However, I trust reruns will be plentiful.

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