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Holy cow….I made it!! It is November 30th and I have managed to post a blog post every day this month. I am proud of myself for accomplishing what I set out to do. It definitely wasn’t an easy task but I got er’ done! 🙂

Last night I watched the live Garth Brooks special with my family. Garth spent some time talking about how when he was little and would listen to the music that his parents listened to, he didn’t exactly realize what those songs meant. Now that he is older he has picked up their meaning. As I listened to him, I couldnt help but think of how sometimes I dont always realize what songs mean either.

On my Iphone and in my I-tunes account, I have downloaded the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. I think the first time I heard this song was on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show Ellen. I thought it was a pretty catchy tune and found myself singing along to it. But one day that all changed for me, I was listening to the song and all of a sudden I thought, “Oh how horrible.” The words all of a sudden hit me smack dab in the face and I didn’t like at all what I was hearing. In fact, I literally cringe every time it comes on my phone and I immediately fast forward through the song.

These words are from the song “Pumped Up Kicks”; “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, outrun my gun; All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run faster than my bullet.” These words are awful. Perhaps we have been desenitized by the news and everything that is happening in our world. This makes me extremely sad! What has our world come to? (Check out this blog about someone else’s thoughts on this song:

I don’t claim to hold any musical ability at all, BUT I do LOVE music! And so now I find myself paying closer attention to the songs I listen to. Perhaps that is why I love listening to Christian music. I realize that Christian music too has its faults. I definitely don’t agree with every Christian song I hear. One of my favorite songs is Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I Am.” I think I love this song because as both saint and sinner, this song reminds me that I can truly be who God created me to be! I also have more recently come to LOVE the band the Rend Collective Experiment. I think it’s because their sound reminds me so much of Mumford and Sons. Here is their song “Build Your Kingdom Here.”

So as I close this blog challenge my friends, my hope and prayer is that we will pay closer attention to what we listen too…and what it means…not only for ourselves but for those special little ones in our lives. Enjoy the video my friends! And Goodnight! I’ll be back soon but probably not every day! :P

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  1. Congratulations on making it through blogging this month! What an accomplishment … and an inspiration to a delinquent blogger like myself. I always enjoy reading your writings, even if I manage to get here infrequently. Thank you for your writing!

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