The Mystery Of The Missing Christmas Gift

I love snow! Today it was so pretty. This morning when I went to work, the sky was blue and the snow was lightly falling from the sky. It just puts a smile on my face. To me Christmas is just not Christmas without snow. And its good news for my sis who is coming home, she insisted that there better be snow when she comes home. Tonight she drove to Phoenix with another teacher. She flies out tomorrow morning and will be in Bismarck around 12:30 -1pm. I cant wait to see her. Funny how things have changed. But enough about the snow, I wanted to share a silly little story with you all. (Now I know a lot of you know the situation with my mom and that she is bipolar and etc and I am only telling you this because I think it plays a little into the story I am about to tell. When things are happening she gets extremely excited—almost over excited—which is part of the illness.) Now time for the story! My sister and I decided to get our mom a watch for Christmas because that is one of the things she asked for. My aunt Nancy and I went to Target and picked out this really pretty watch. On Friday at 3pm my mom had her Christmas party at the group home where she works so I decided to express mail it on Thursday because I just didnt have the time earlier in the week to get to the post office. I wrapped mom’s present nicely and since it was so small, I stuck it in a popcorn box—you know the ones that microwave popcorn come in—-and taped it shut. I also put papertowel in the box with the present so it didnt move around so much.Then I wrapped the popcorn box and addressed it to mom. On Friday night I called mom to ask her if she got our present. She said that she did and that she got popcorn. For a slight moment, I was confused but then remembered I stuck it in the popcorn box. I told her she better go get the box and check inside of it. She said she would after we got off the phone but I insisted that she get it while we were on the phone so I would be sure it was in there. She got the box,looked inside, opened the present and found the watch.Needless to say, we both had a little good-natured laugh about the situation but Im sure glad that it was in there. I love my mom to pieces but sometimes the illness makes her do silly things! But you know to be honest, thats what Ive come to love most about her…is her excitement, joy, love, and happiness that just exudes when she is happy! God gave Andrea and I such an awesome gift in our mother….and you know sometimes I think we forget to express that to her so Im sharing it all with you now!!! 🙂

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