My Worlds Looking A Little Brighter These Days

I decided it was time for a post since I hadnt posted for a few days. Besides that its a Saturday night and Im sitting at home bored out of my mind trying to find something to do. There is not much on tv….no good movies or anything. My aunt and uncle went on their winter vacation so just me and the cats until Wednesday. Hope you are all doing well. Those at the seminary, I hope that the weather was nice and that Ali had a great ordination day. I really wish I could have been there but I was definetely there in spirit. I suppose you all are bogged down by the end of the semester. Just this week and then Christmas break….crazy how fast time flies. I hope you all have a blessed Advent, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

In other news….man that makes me sound like Paul Harvey or something. I dont know how many read the comments on my last post but the world is looking a little brighter these days. Shortly after I posted my last blog post, I received a letter and an email from the Bishop of Western North Dakota. He has given my name to a congregation in Hazen, ND. Hazen is near Bismarck which would be fabulous since Bismarck is half way between Mom and Dad. According to the letter, Bishop D believes that my gifts could be a tremendous asset to this congregation. Now thats great but I truly am not going to say anything about how I feel about this possibility since when I do say something, it seems to bite me in the butt. So this time Im indifferent for now and will see where God leads me. I do want to find a great call in the church but its like so many of you have told me I just need to trust the process even though it might not be the funnest (I dont even think thats a word) or easiest thing to do. In God’s time, God will lead me to the place where my gifts will best be used. Okay enough about that. My friends, I pray God gives you the patience to get all your stuff in by the end of the week. Miss you all lots! GOd bless!!

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