My Whirlwind of a Life

Life these days is crazy. At least, that is the only way to put it. My sister and her fiance are no longer engaged. In fact, they actually arent even in a relationship anymore. Well I guess thats not true. They are still going to try and be friends. Two of my good friends are outside the country…one in Japan and one in Guatemela. My other good friends are either at the Mothership in Iowa or near there. And needless to say, it has been somewhat difficult to make new friends here since I know I wont be here much longer. Another part of me is just a little frustrated with my home synod. I guess I will just have to teach them and educate them about diaconal ministry. My name has been given to a multi-point congregation that is looking for an associate pastor. However since they do not have any candidates at this time, they are willing to look at a diaconal minister. Needless to say, Im not sure how I feel about all of this. I guess the only good thing is knowing I can say no if I feel it isnt a good fit and stuff. However I must admit I cant help but feel like second-best, leftovers, or whatever you want to call. But enough about that. I guess Im just ready to move on with my life. I love that my aunt and uncle have let me stay here this long but I feel like Im soon going to over stay my welcome. I guess at 27 years old Im just ready to be on my own. And a part of me is so ready to settle down and start a life with Mr. Right. However I know it will happen in God’s time not mine. I just wish God would hurry up with all of that. But I suppose thats it for now. Sorry you all had to hear me vent. I think Im going to go drown myself in some chip and mint ice cream! YUM YUM!!!

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